James Wright User Interface Specialist

Current availability: Not currently looking to take on new work or discuss other opportunities

Hi, I'm James

I'm an experienced web development specialist based in Kent and London, with experience across the whole project lifecycle. Coupling extensive experience in traditional front end development roles with leading agile development teams / mentoring / line managing, I can thrive in challenging environments and love working in an iterable and collaborative manner. I am a user interface expert who understands the merits of 'done' and ‘perfect’!

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I've been entrusted with a variety of household brands.

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Core skills

JS languages and frameworks

Skilled in modern, vanilla javascript and also frameworks including VueJS and associated tooling (e.g Vuex, vue-router) and Angular and associated tooling (e.g. typescript and RxJS).

Semantic markup

Expert at writing semantic, valid, well structured and accessible HTML5 markup with a particular emphasis and interest on promoting WCAG web accessibility standards.

Styling and branding

Advanced knowledge of CSS3 including custom properties, flexbox and CSS grid and methodologies including ITCSS and BEM. Experienced in tailwind and other css frameworks.


An in-depth knowledge of a wide variety of front end tooling including Git, NodeJs, Webpack, Babel. Familar with CICD tools including Jenkins and Travis CI and Jamstack architecture.

Design tools

Working knowledge with Invision, Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator, Sketch and Balsamiq. An advocate of user centred design and experience with interaction design.

Methodology and soft skills

Full experience in agile software development including 6 months experience as scrum master. I also have experience in kanban and extensive line management and mentoring experience.