James Wright User Interface Specialist

Current availability: Not currently looking to take on new work or discuss other opportunities

Kuflink Group Plc

Leading front end development with Kuflink’s award-winning online Peer to Peer (P2P) investment platform

June 2019 - July 2020
Kuflink Group Plc

Sole non-remote front end developer


  • Migrating legacy and cumbersome admin applications to newer, scalable platforms (Vue.js) to achieve time savings, allowing internal admin to gain new insights into our investor base
  • Circa 10x improvement in bundle size of investment platform
  • Promoting and implementing front end unit tests using Mocha and Cyprus
  • Total rebuild of the investment platform
  • Working and mentoring offshore development teams and promoting best practice some as component driven design and unit testing, and putting processes such as pull requests and peer reviews in place
  • Creating P2P appropriateness test to check to ensure that investors understand the implications of their investments.
  • Zero investor losses to date (at the time of writing)


Kuflink.com appropriateness test
Kuflink.com appropriateness test

Screenshots credited to Kuflink Group Plc